About us

   Toothfind is a first of its kind platform that is made for patients to find, consult and connect with dentists exclusively.  

The makers of Toothfind realised that patients who were finding dentist online had to pre-pay the dentists before consulting them. 

There were many dentists online, but there was no way for patients to know beforehand whether the dentists are suitable for them, experienced with their specific problems or get a idea of treatment charges.  

   Selecting a dentist without knowing all this led to many unsatisfied patients, who felt their money of these paid consultations was getting wasted if they dont like the dentist, his treatment plan or charges, and had to keep having more paid consultations repeatedly for the same complaint till they found their right dentist.

   Also, Current platforms which allowed free consultations had limited options of on-panel dentists, which were randomly  assigned to patients, and their advice would mostly differ from the advice given at near-by dental clinic which was more convenient, practical or affordable for the patient. 

   Understanding this void in the market, we, the makers of Toothfind decided to come up with a solution where patients could explore multiple probable options for their dental treatment without paying multiple consultation fees online. 

We created an easy mobile application Toothfind, which records patients complaints in their unique (applied for patent) user-friendly interface.

   Next, patients are given access to the largest unbiased list of all possible dentists around them. The patients can send this request to any number of dentists of their choice ( based on experience,  qualification and distance). 

   The dentist reply to these requests, stress free at their convenience. Toothfind gives dentists a chance to display their uniqueness by letting them share their previous cases, and broadcast their clinic facilities and other USP's. The dentist also gets a  opportunity to customize their prices as per the patient, thus reaching out to a wider patient base and aiding transparent communication.  

This way, patients get replies and estimates for their queries and enquiries FOR FREE from near-by and in-future probable dentists. The patient can make a informed decision about the dentist of his choice after evaluating all his options, while sitting at his home without spending any time or money.

   Happy patients and Happy dentists,  only on Toothfind !