FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )

What can I use Toothfind app for ?

Toothfind is India's first dental cost calculator. Now you can get authentic cost estimates for your current dental problem directly from dentists of your choice and instantly find a dentist that matches your needs and budget. Not only it acts as a dentist finder, but also helps you to book appointments with your dentists. Toothfind allows you to record your dental problem in an easy format and send it to multiple dentists arounds you. Know about your dental problem, what you need to do about it and how much it will cost while you sit at home. It’s like visiting many dentists & getting their advice absolutely free of cost. Also get discounts on your treatment fees from Toothfind when you visit dentist for your treatmement.

How much does Toothfind cost ?

All services on ToothFind app are absolutely free of cost for patients

How do I use Toothfind app?

It's really easy, All you have to do is fill in the basic information of the patient (yourself or other ). Then select your complaint from our unique and easy Problem finder. After that, just submit a clear photograph/ video/ x-ray / reports of your problem and write any additional information that you want to tell your dentist . Now choose dentists, to whom you submit your Request and get their dental plan for you along with cost estimates. You can also use our Dentist finder to compare all options of dentists around you. If you already have found your dentist of choice, you can directly book an appointment.

HowDoes Toothfind really help me pay for my dental treatments?

Yes! You are rewarded with Toothfind gift-cash, which is collected in your Toothfind wallet. You can send this money to any verified Toothfind dentist to help pay for your treatments from the app.

How can I send my Toothfind cash to a Toothfind dentist?

Your Toothfind cash will get deposited in your wallet where you have a SEND button. On pressing it, you have to enter the registered mobile number of the Toothfind dentist, after which you can select the dentist and send him the Toothfind cash from your wallet.

Why do you need my personal details or previous medical details?

We need your mobile number to send you an OTP for registration. We need your personal details such as - age, gender and medical status purely for medical usage by the dentist. Your location will not be displayed to the dentist. The dentist will be able to see your contact number only after you select him and he replies to your complaint.

Is my information kept confidential?

On ToothFind, we respect your privacy and your dentists Privacy equally. All interactions between you and your dentists are completely private. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

What if my location is not getting tracked?

If you want to give your device’s location, press the location icon and select the button of “Use current location”. If you have a smartphone, check if your location setting is on and allow location permission in app settings. If it is still not getting tracked, you can also manually enter your location by typing it in the address bar ans select from one of the drop-down options, or select your area/locality from options provided.

What if I want to send a complaint for someone else?

ToothFind gives you the option of sending complaints on behalf of your parents/kids/friends etc. Just fill in their information, details and send their photographs and you will get suggestions for their complaints on your app. If you are sending a complaint for anyone else, please note that you are responsible for all activity that happens on your account.

What if I want to find dentists / get estimates for my friend/relative in another location?

To use our services in another location, press the location icon and type the nearest address around which you wish to find doctors. A drop down auto suggest field will help you select that location. Once selected, you will be able to find dentists around that location and send complaints to them.

What if i am a Dentist who has mistakenly registered as a patient?

Please contact us at contactus@toothfind.com. We will first de-register your number as a patient after which you may re-register as a Dentist.

What if I cannot find my exact complaint in the complaint finder?

You have to choose the complaint closest to your problem, if not the exact complaint. If your complaint is still not mentioned in the complaint finder, you can select the OTHER/NONE option. You can also mention specific details of your complaint in the “Give Additional Information” section after selecting your complaint.

Can I use Toothfind in emergencies?

No. Dentists can only help you with consultation based issues or give price estimations that can be shared in the form of messages, pictures and medical reports. In case of a life- threatening emergency, please call an ambulance or head to a good dental clinic/ hospital.

What are the service timings?

You can send a request for your dental plan or cost estimations anytime 24/7. The dentists are expected to reply to your request within 6 working hours. Working hours are from 9 am to 9 pm.

How do I choose my desired dentist?

You can view every dentists profile while choosing your dentists. Toothfind gives detailed information about the dentist in a single step/screen : Dentist name, Clinic name, dentist and clinic photos, Clinic address, Dentist qualification, specialization and experience, work timings, facilities & services available at clinic and rating of the concerned dentist. So you have all background information required to choose a dentist at your fingertips. You can also search for a particular dentist of your choice in the search bar.

What if my chosen dentist does not respond to my request for price estimate?

Please contact us at contact@toothfind.com. We will ensure that you are redirected to a different dentist who will respond to your complaint within 6 working hours.

Have more questions to ask ?

Please mail us at contactus@toothfind.com for all your querries.