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Dentist earn with toothfind app

How ToothFind works for dentist ?

How ToothFind works for dentist ?

Let's help patients visit your Clinic today

Step 1

Step 1 toothfind app

Download Toothfind App & Register your clinic for free

Available on Google Play Store ONLY

Step 2

Reply to patients on toothfind

After Instant Verification , you can reply to patient enquiries by -

1. Explaining their Problem in easy words

2. Giving Approximate Costs of Treatments

3. Showing your previous happy patients (Optional)

4. Displaying your clinic photos (Optional)

5. Giving prescriptions (Optional)

6. Attaching Patient education material

7. Many more features

Step 3

Convert patients to opd on toothfind app

Send your Reply so patient understands why your clinic is the best choice for getting treatment

Why Choose to be on Toothfind ?


Free app toothfind

Toothfind works to provide you OTP verified patients searching for you along with their dental query for free.

So now  getting new patient leads is free ! 

Get opportunities

With every Reply, You have the opportunity to present your expertise to solve patients current query.

Engage your patients before they visit you.

You're in Control

Best dental app toothfind

Toothfind introduces “Pay-after-Result” model


You are charged after you choose to Reply a patient

Toothfind enables you to control when and for which patient your money is used.

*Toothfind provides free service to all doctors during COVID

Earn with ToothFind

earn with toothfind

Toothfind aims to increase patients who get dental treatment done.  
Toothfind provides gift cash to all its patients which they can use when they visit your clinic.
withdrawal of gift cash to bank account is without any transaction fee or hidden charges for all doctors


How does Toothfind work for dentists?

Toothfind helps dentists to generate patient leads, to choose amongst the leads by showing patient previews, and convert them to your clinic opd. Toothfind gives a platform to dentists to receive patient previews and to make an unique & impactful first presentation with a personalized touch.

Is consultation free for patients ? Why ?

Yes. Patients can ask their queries for free. 1.So unrestricted patient leads can reach dentists & choice remains with dentists to respond to probable patients 2.Most dental treatments require clinical procedures and cannot be done online, so online consultation gives only gross idea.

I don't have my own clinic , how is Toothfind useful for me ?

Patients use toothfind to get cost estimates and treatment details of their treatments. You can send your fees & charges for to a patient for the treatments & conduct treatment at any other clinic

What is special about Toothfind patient enquiries?

1. No blind enquiry - Toothfind gives detailed patient info and dental complaint instead of phone number. 2. All leads are OTP verified. 3. Powerful - Queries are from patients who have chosen you specifically. 4. Practical -Most of the Queries from nearby patients for whom visiting your clinic is convenient.

Is it compulsory to reply to patients enquiries on toothfind ?

No. A dentist can choose to be on the platform and receive patient queries with no compulsion to answer any patient . Toothfind is designed to aid dentists to preview all patient queries and select choice of patients pertaining to dentists speciality . Toothfind does not charge the dentist for providing any number of patient queries.

What happens if I cannot understand a patient problem based on given information ?

We recommend you not reply if such a scenario happens . Toothfind does not charge patients or dentists in such a scenario.

How is payment model different in Toothfind?

Toothfind does not take monthly or annual payments in advance without knowing how many leads will be generated; Toothfind first provides leads and gives you choice if you want to Reply to that patient. You can buy subscription packages having multiple Replies, and your Replies are utilized only whenever you decide to use them.

How do I receive payments from patients on toothfind ?

Patients can pay dentists for any in-clinic treatment via app. Patients have to enter the registered number of the dentist (in patients app wallet) to send their wallet cash to the dentist. Dentist can transfer this cash to their bank with no fee.

Is toothfind app only to receive patient requests ?

No. Toothfind is designed for providing other services to dentists required to grow their practice .Please be updated on app to know more features