Don’t forget to use mouthwash after eating this or regret it later!

Updated: Apr 21

Bad breath or halitosis is a commonly encountered and an embarrassing situation for many. What can be done to prevent it? So here are some foods which cause them and also some other home remedies to avoid it.

Causes of bad breath:

1. Foods causing bad breath: - most common reason

a) Garlic

b) Onion

c) Alcohol

d) Coffee

e) Pineapple, orange, citrus juices

f) Chocolates cookies and candies

2. Unclean Tongue- if there are deposits of food over your tongue that haven’t been cleaned for many days, the tongue can be a major reason for bad breath.

3. Poor oral hygiene – If you do not brush regularly causing accumulation of food particles on or between surfaces of your teeth, this accumulated food particles decay over time leading to foul odour from the mouth.

4. Dry mouth – this might be because of less saliva secretion, dehydration or any medication.

5. Gastric problems- Sometimes, an upset stomach, acidity of other gastric problems can emit a foul odour, causing bad breath.


1. Brush your teeth

2. Use Toothpaste

3. Use interdental toothbrush to ensure all food particles stuck between teeth surfaces get properly cleaned.

4. Avoid foods that cause bad smell. If you cant avoid eating them, rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating them and brush your teeth properly with any brand toothpaste

5. Use mouthwash immediately after brushing at night. Take mouthwash in the cap of the bottle of mouthwash, and rinse with it for at least 1 minute to ensure it contacts all surfaces of all teeth. After spitting it out, do not rinse with normal water gain and do not eat or drink anything after that.

6. .Clean your tongue every day. You can use tongue cleaners for the same.

7. Drink plenty of water and keep the mouth hydrated and moist.

8. If the breath is very intense, you need to visit your dentist to get cleaning of your teeth, resolve any bleeding gum issues and also rule out any infection in your mouth.

9. You may also visit a Gastro-enterologist or a physician to rule out Gastric causes

Remember, a little bad breath is natural, but if it’s bothering you, send this complaint to the dentist of your choice and get free advice on Toothfind!


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