Find covid-Safe dental clinics near you with Toothfind !

Updated: May 4

Have dental issues but scared to go the dentist due to fear of coronavirus? Worry not- Toothfind is here to remove all your fears.

Coronavirus does not spread through dental treatments when adequate safety precautions have been taken by the dental clinic and by the patient. So stop worrying about the coronavirus and you can get any dental treatment done immediately! So lets find out how you can find out the covid-safe dental clinics near you.

Toothfind is an app where you can send your dental queries to all nearby dentists for free and they can inform you about all the facilities they have at their clinic, along with solutions to your current problem.

Just download the app, register as a patient and fill in your details to create a profile.

Next- click on the "Free consultation" button to create your query.

Now enter basic information for yourself or for any other family member.

Choose your dental problem from a systematic and interesting Problem-Finder .

Also attach photos or videos of the dental problem so your dentist can understand better about your problem. You can also specifically ask the dentist about what precautions they take for covid. Now send this query to all nearby dentists.

Your dentist will let you know about your problem, and also the cost of the treatment.

Your dentist will let you know the precautions that they take for covid.

Most dentists have non-touch thermometer temperature checks, sanitizers, hypochlorite fumigators that kill coronavirus in the air, SpO2 checking and autoclaved instruments for each patient. Dentist also wear gloves, masks , PPE kits, face shields that protect them from being carriers of coronavirus. You can decide which clinics are covid safe from the replies that dentists give to your queries.

Send your enquiries for free to all nearby dentists on Toothfind app. Also get rewarded for taking care of your oral health. Use this Gift-cash when you visit the dentist and pay for your treatment. Ensure that you are constantly wearing a mask and maintain social distancing while you travel and are waiting for your appointment.

No need to avoid dental treatments- feel safe on Toothfind app. Currently only android version available on Google play store and servicing in and around Pune. Download it here.