Teeth Cleaning in Pune

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What is scaling and dental cleaning ?

Scaling is a process of cleaning the teeth while going below the gum line to remove plaque build-up over the tooth and root surfaces. It is sometimes done with with root planning, that is removing any rough spots of accumulated debris from the surface of roots, known as deep scaling.

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Importance of dental cleaning

Everyone experiences some form of plaque buildup. The saliva along with the bacteria in the mouth forms a thin layer that covers your teeth at almost all times. When this combines with the acid from the food that we eat, the tiny particles and sugars from the food stick to this layer to form a buildup known as plaque.

This plaque is mainly responsible for causing dental decay and gum disease. So you must regularly brush your teeth, use floss and interdental toothbrushes and go to a dentist every 6 months to avoid the long-term accumulation of plaque.

Types of Dental cleaning

  1. Routine cleaning is performed on healthy patients who just need routine maintenance in order to ensure oral health. This includes scaling to remove any plaque or marginal calculus around gums.

  2. Scaling and root planing, which some people call as deep cleaning, is typically done to patients at high risk of developing gum disease or patients who have already developed severe gum disease. This normally requires multiple sittings and the gums get healthier with every sitting.

  3. Gross debridement- A gross debridement is most often performed on patients who have not visited the dentist in more than a year or who have developed a build-up of hardened plaque on the surface of the teeth. This is recommended in patients with chunks of calculus around teeth and extremely poor oral hygiene, where the gums are inflamed and bleeding. This is normally done on the first appointment to remove the gross chunks of calculus so gums may improve and allow for finer deep cleaning procedures in later appointments. It is also recommended in patients having excessive stains due to tobacco chewing or other deleterious habits.

Procedure of Dental cleaning

  • Routine scaling is normally done in a single sitting.

  • In case of deep scaling, your dentist may prefer to apply some topical or other forms of local anaesthesia depending on the severity of your condition.

  • Your dentist will first conduct teeth scaling. This involves scraping the plaque from your teeth and in any large pockets that have developed between your teeth and gums by using any hand instrument or an ultrasonic scaler.

  • Next, if required, your dentist will do root planning. This includes smoothening of the root surfaces to help to reattach the gum to the root surface.

Cost of Dental cleaning in Pune

Routine scaling procedure may range from Rs.500 – Rs.800 depending on your oral condition.


Deep scaling may be a series of scaling appointments till your gums start showing signs of Improvement. Deep scaling normally ranges from Rs.1500- Rs.2500 per appointment depending on the severity of your condition.


Gross debritement is normally done on the first appointment and may range from Rs.700 to Rs.1500 /-

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is scaling a painful procedure?

The short answer is no, the procedure is not painful. There is slight discomfort during the procedure which is tolerable for most of people without any anaesthesia. In case you are having unbearable pain, inform your dentist and he will administer you the essential anaesthesia.

How long does it take for gums to heal after scaling?

Any soft tissue of the mouth requires a minimum of 3 weeks to heal . This will vary upon the severity of your condition. You may experience slight discomfort around the teeth for several days and or a feeling of increased sensitivity to hot and cold for some days. This is absolutely normal.

Do gums grow back after scaling?

Scaling does not make the gums grow back, but it stops or significantly slows down the process of recession of gums. There are some advanced treatments where reattching of gums can be done(mostly surgically) which can restore your gum levels to some extent. Maintaining optimum oral hygiene and getting regular dental check-ups can help prevent, slow, or stop gum diseases.

What are the side effects of scaling?

There are no permannent side- effects of dental scaling and it a recommended procedure to get your teeth evaluated and cleaned every 6 months. After scaling, some people feel a slight discomfort for 1 to 2 days, or may feel like having mild sensitivity on eating hot/cold/sweet items. However this is temporary and does not last more than a few days. Some others feel their teeth have become loose after scaling but that is a pseudo or false feeling because the harmful hardenend calculus holding their teeth together has been removed.

Does Scaling make teeth whiter?

Yes if your teeth are covered with various external stains. But if your teeth are internally yellowish or darker, they won't get whitened by scaling and you will need additional teeth whitening procedures.

Do teeth become loose after scaling?

No. However a patient whose teeth have been holding in place only because of large chunks of calculus binding them may feel that teeth have become loose than before after removing the chunks of calculus. But it is false feeling as now the teeth and gums are actually in a healthier state and in their natural form and now they will heal and improve your oral health. Maintenance of oral hygiene and preventing accumulation of calculus is most important responsibility of patient in this regard.

How do I find a Dental clinic for teeth cleaning near me?

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